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Book Editing Services

I edit novels, short stories and memoir.  Open to other genres; we can discuss. Email me at: I offer a free sample of the first 5-10 pages to see if we're a fit. 

Check out my Substack for tutorials on editing and writing 

Developmental Editing

The "Dev Edit" is my specialty. It zooms the camera out and makes sure your manuscript is ready to go. This edit looks at the following and usually takes 1-3 weeks depending on length and my work load:

  • structure 

  • plot

  • pace

  • character-development 

  • dialogue

  • POV

  • story and character arc

  • emotional impact

  • conflict and tension

  • Much more


The dev edit includes marks on the page and a roughly 5-10 page editorial letter explaining my findings and offering concrete suggestions for improvement.


Price: 3 cents/word

Writing Projects

For a fee to be discussed between us, I might potentially be interested (depending on my schedule) in certain writing projects, including ghostwriting, blogging, and writing-coaching. Please email me and we can discuss the potential possibilities. Generally I charge $50/hr. 


*Price to be negotiated for ghostwriting and other projects


Manuscript Evaluation

Manuscript evaluation is an overall evaluation of a manuscript’s strong and weak points in the areas of storytelling, writing skill, and salability. This is similar to the developmental edit but strictly for evaluation. This involves reading the entire manuscript, making light general notes, and writing my conclusive findings in a 5-10 page letter to the client. Basically it's a less detailed dev edit. 


Price: 2 cents/word

Agent Query Letters

I will walk you through the very key process of penning your query letter, which is your first professional handshake with an agent. Increase your chances of making it through the literary gate. Working as an agent’s assistant, I was able to see why writers get rejected, and how to best avoid that easy pitfall. I work collaboratively with the author to craft that perfect letter, showing an agent you know what you’re doing. 


Price: $50/hr

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