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This is my version of King’s ‘On Writing’ cover; the editor/writer at large.

Need a book editor? Consider working with me. 

Publishing is a tough environment. Whether self publishing, vanity publishing, or going the traditional route; either way: You need a good, professional editor. As a former literary agent’s assistant, I received hundreds of manuscripts that were not ready. Sadly, these were promptly rejected. I can give you an advantage out of the gate by making sure your ms is tight and by assisting with connecting you to an agent (or simply helping you get it tight). I can help with the query letter and synopsis if you’d like, or simply work on the book. The fun part is writing the book; now you have to do the grueling work and make your story shine. That’s where I come in.




“In an industry that predicates itself on precision, and yet is too often overwhelmed by those who claim to have mastered it, yet are belied by their tendency to ‘dot their T’s and cross their I’s,’ Michael Mohr cuts through, clears the way, and, in the main, raises the bar. A delight to work with, Michael is that rare breed of editor who understands the literary merits of a work while keeping an eye (not the dotted variety; the kind that provides vision) on what the agency circuit looks for.  Still, he doesn’t sacrifice those literary merits simply to satisfy the bottom line demands of the prevailing status quo. In practice, he’s actually providing editorial insights that raise the bar for agents as well.  No question we will work with him again, or at least until writers run out of words to craft and commit to paper.”      [Ralph Scott d.b.a. 'Edward It,' Managing Partner: CREDIT THE EDIT, LLC. (;]

“Michael’s edits on my novel HUSTLE were invaluable, to the book and to me as a writer. I came away from the edited manuscript feeling like a better writer. His work was extensive and astute, but the best thing about his style is his constant enthusiasm. He rolled through the story with me, excited at each turn. There was as much encouragement as there was gentle correction. When my next manuscript was done, his was the first door I knocked on.” [Tom Pitts, author of "Piggyback." Agented by Elizabeth Kracht.]

“Michael, Invaluable. You pointed out the obvious. Except I couldn’t see it. I’ve gotten feedback from agents at writers’ conferences. You think like they do. You’re exactly who I’m looking for. Do you critique mysteries? I’m doing a major rewrite on my first novel, which I hadn’t touched for almost two years. This is the ninth revision, and it will be the next work needing your services. I also think it has more commercial potential.” [Gustaf Berger, freelance client]

“Michael was very thorough and gave me great ideas on how to make the story more action-packed for the kids.  Definitely worth the money!”  [D. Adrian, freelance client]

“Michael’s editing helped make my writing ready for publication. He showed me how to make my work stronger and made the final revisions much easier. In the process, I’ve learned to be a better writer.” [Joe Garrett, freelance client]

“For the aspiring novelist, scrolling through the classified ad section in back of Poets & Writers magazine is almost as dispiriting as strolling through the fiction section of a major, inner-city branch of Barnes & Noble; the choice confronting wannabe-famous authors in the former setting being only slightly less bewildering than the choice confronting wannabe-satisfied readers in the latter. I cannot now remember what it was about Michael Mohr’s ad which made me read it all the way through, and then read it again, and then scribble his email address in my notebook. But I’m very glad that I did. Michael’s assessment of the sample chapter I sent him pulled no punches. But in amongst the candid negatives there were enough well-argued positives to make me think that the year I had spent writing my book had not been a complete waste of time, and that I might just be able to turn it into something that other people might just want to read. Two months later, thanks to Michael’s further assistance, I’m quietly confident about that. I just hope Barnes & Noble can give us enough shelf space.” [Simon Collins, freelance client]



Kimberley Cameron & Associates Literary Agency (2013; from left to right): Kimberley Cameron; Elizabeth Kracht; Lisa (intern) and Me (Michael Mohr).


Laurie McLean (Forward Literary Agency), Me (Michael Mohr, Freelance Editor); Natasha Wilson (Senior Editor at Harlequin Teen)



I edited Tom Pitts’s novel, ‘Hustle,’ released by Snubnose Press. Find the book at Tom’s website,, or on Amazon.



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  1. you have come so far! I loved looking at this and reading about your accomplishments. Very inspiring. The picture of you and your mom is amazing. X.

    • Thanks so much, Rose; that means a lot coming from you! Yes, it’s been a long and worthy path :) Going to NYC for a writing conference in July. How the heck are you?? I hope well…


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